Chicken Salad With Grapes

Chicken Salad

[Preparation time: 15 minutes, 4 sandwiches]

It happens to all of us. You are hungry, heading to the refrigerator, opening it, and you cannot find anything interesting enough. Bummer. For me it sounds like the beginning of an adventure! Sometimes the best part in cooking is to come up with an idea for a dish that makes use of ingredients I have in my refrigerator at a given moment. No preparations and no planning ahead.
It reflects the fun aspect of cooking, creative thinking, improvising capabilities, and allows me avoid throwing food. Using leftovers to enhance the dish is even better.

This is the story of this Chicken salad with grapes.

½ grilled chicken
15-20 red grapes
3 scallions
2 celery stems
2 tablespoons of lite mayo
¼ Cup lime juice
¼ tablespoon of salt
¼ tablespoon of pepper

[Improvising options: Red grapes → green grapes | Dried cranberries, raisins, plum, apple, pear | Lite mayo → any type of mayo, sour cream | You can add: chopped arugula/ Cilantro/ dill/ chive)

Separate the chicken meat from the bone; it might be easier to do if you allow the chicken to get to room temperature first. I had some chicken stock left in the pan that the chicken was cooked in, so I poured 1 tablespoon of it on the chicken pieces as well.

Chicken Salad

Cut the grapes to halves; slice the scallions to ½ inch wide pieces and the celery to small pieces that you can feel in every bite of the salad.

Chicken Salad

In a separate bowl, mix well all the rest of the ingredients – you have the sauce ready. Taste the sauce and fix seasoning if needed. Combine the sauce into the salad and mix gently; you don’t want to damage the grapes.
That’s it. Slice fresh bread (I had cranberries and walnut bread), fresh and crunchy vegetable, pickled onion, and here is a great dish. Enjoy.

Chicken Salad With Grapes

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